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Containertopia / Casual FreyDay

April 2017 - Jalopy Theatre, Brooklyn, NY 

September 2017 - Philly Fringe Festival

CONTAINERTOPIA is a 21st-century take on vaudeville that looks at the ever-shrinking living spaces that city-dwellers submit themselves to. With synthesizer-heavy Weimar cabaret tunes, original music, and projection-based set design, our multimedia cabaret explores and exposes the popular trend of tiny living. What afforded to us is affordable?


CONTAINERTOPIA was the first production by Casual FreyDay, a producing partnership with Sam Day Harmet that pools our respective experience in music and theater to concoct works that bring new media technology into live performance. We not only devised, wrote, and composed the show, we were responsible for designing, editing, and programming these multimedia performances.

O Monsters


New Paradise Laboratories

Capital Fringe at Arena Stage

dir. Whit MacLaughlin

July 2018

Julius Caesar


In rep with The Wild Duck

Quintessence Theatre Group

dir. Alexander Burns

April-May 2018

Uncle Vanya

Quintessence Theatre Group

dir. Alexander Burns

June 2017

Claire Kiechel's Lulu Is Hungry

ANT Fest at Ars Nova

dir. Philip Gates

June 2016

Our Heroes, Our Time

Brooklyn Museum

Co-created with PIMA

May 2016

The Three Musketeers

Quintessence Theatre Group

dir. Alexander Burns

Spring 2015

Naturalistic Commercials

Samuel French OOB Play Festival

dir. Tara Ahmadinejad

July 2015

Kafka's The Metamorposis

Quintessence Theatre Group

dir. Rebecca Wright

May 2016

The Adults / New Paradise Laboratories

September 2014

A world-premiere presentation at FringeArts 2014, THE ADULTS blends NPL’s patented high-wire physicality with the writings of Anton Chekhov, the fleshy visual art of Eric Fischl, and the rigorous experimentation of John Cage. Featuring two generations of NPL performers – the old gang mingled with the new – along with sound by experimental music wizard, Bhob Rainey.

"It’s goddamn beautiful. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since, like a dream you have that lingers in the corners of your mind for two days." --Mikala Jamison, Philadelphia City Paper

10 Unnamable Spectacles / New Paradise Laboratories

Summer 2013

Around Philadelphia, 10 UNNAMABLE SPECTACLES popped up in outdoor festivals, gallery events, and night markets throughout the summer. On the fringes of fringe, a mix of NPL company members and select accomplices went public with projection, magnetic lights, and the angel of history blown backward into the future.

Life and Times / Nature Theater of Oklahoma

September 2013


For Episode 2 of LIFE AND TIMES, the OBIE-winning marathon show must cast a local chorus each time it is produced. For FringeArts 2013, a stellar group of performers learned mind-jumbling choreography and eight-part harmonies in a matter of days. (Also joined the massive ensemble for Nature Theater's POETICS, at Under the Radar at the Public Theater in 2008.)

PROM / New Paradise Laboratories

April 2013


The last party of childhood, PROM combines the familiar end-of-high school initiation rite with a football game. It is a template play -- characters and scenarios are newly invented for every production. Originally comissioned by the Children's Theatre of Minneapolis, PROM was remounted as part of the professional artist residency at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, with a cast of students, faculty, and NPL company members.

The Exquisite Corpse Project / Soulless Conglommerate

Released April 24, 2013


THE EXQUISITE CORPSE PROJECT brings together five comedy writers, and surprises them with a challenge: to each write fifteen pages of a movie, having read only the previous five pages of the script. The result is equal parts comedy, psycho-sexual thriller, children's television show, love story, and supernatural adventure. Meanwhile, documentary footage provides an inside look into the creative process and the group dynamics that make collaboration between friends difficult.

27 / New Paradise Laboratories

September 2012/May2014


First produced as part of the 2012 Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, 27 visits dead rock star purgatory. The famed musicians who died at the age of 27 are part of a party stuck in repeat, unable to transcend to what lies beyond celebrity/notoriety. Featuring live music by Alec MacLaughlin, looping the music of the 27 Club with his original compositions.

"It's gorgeous, heartbreaking, funny, and terrifying all at once...the cast's explosive athletics, make for a hypnotic visit with martyred rock royalty." --Wendy Rosenfeld, Philadelphia Inquirer

The Seagull






Quintessence Theatre Group

dir. Alexander Burns

June 2012

Teen Wolf/Teen Wolf Too


Mount Tremper Arts Festival

dir. Jibade-Khalil Huffman

August 2011



Improvisational Comedy

dir. Dave Jadico

June 2002 - present



Luna Theater Company

dir. Gregory Campbell

February 2012

Some Editing and Some Theme Music


FringeNYC/New Orleans Finge

dir. Jean Ann Douglass

August - November 2009



Royal Caribbean

dir. Mark Norris

September 2010 - May 2011


Brooklyn College

MFA - Performance and Interactive Media Arts

Bard College

BA - Theater

Faculty advisor: JoAnne Akalaitis


British American Drama Academy / London Theatre Program

Upright Citizens Brigade / Improv and Sketch


Magnet Theater / Improv and Sketch


Pig Iron Theatre / Clown and Mask Intensive


Wilma Theater / Voice
Atlantic Theater / Acting and Monologues



A People's History of Silicon Valley / Casual FreyDay

June 2019 - ANT Fest at Ars Nova, New York, NY 

May 2018 - Live Composition Festival, Brooklyn, NY

February 2018 - Ammerman Symposium, Connecticut College


Silicon Valley’s influence extends well past the Bay Area, affecting global markets, international labor practices, and technological advancement.  But as that technology advances, are society’s structures shifting, growing, or crumbling? Can we still have a synth-pop dance party in the face of these realities?

A PEOPLE'S HISTORY OF SILICON VALLEY is a synth-pop infused show with a techno-futurist gaze toward our current tech industry, inspired by Keith Spencer's eponymous book. Following 2017's CONTAINERTOPIA, our multimedia production blended wry social commentary, audio-visual experimentation, and an original soundtrack suited to MTV circa 1982. The show's creator/performers Julia Frey and Sam Day Harmet were joined by fellow musicians/disrupters Erica Mancini and Steve LaRosa.